The Story of Eleesian Choclolates

Eleesian Chocolates founded in 2005, with the guiding principle of the pursuit of health & happiness for family, friends, and neighbours.

All Natural

“Nature knows best”. Not satisfied with existing high sugar and artificial chemicals found in traditional chocolate. Eleesian Chocolates wanted her friends and family to taste fresh, natural chocolate. More cocoa equals more pleasure and an amazing melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Fresh chocolate to be handmade daily, just like freshly baked bread.

Eleesian Chocolates

Eleesian Chocolates is an independent chocolate business which is based in Athens – Greece. Eleesian is Athen’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company.

Handmade Fresh Chocolates

Eleesian Chocolates makes Athen’s most luxurious chocolates. Our chocolate boutiques are based in the heart of Notting Hill and Holland Park. Our fresh chocolates are handmade by world-class chocolatiers.  Fresh chocolate tastes like nothing else…it is truly sublime. All our recipes are designed in-house by the Eleesian chocolatiers. So come and see our kitchen in our store which is a hub of creative activity. The Eleesian Chocolates team makes truffles on a daily basis to ensure you have delicious, fresh chocolates.

Eleesian's Unique Approach

Eleesian’s unique approach is to have the kitchen in the shop, so you can see your chocolates being made right in front of you. Choose your chocolates and we can gift wrap them for you. Our store appeals to all your six senses: sight, touch, smell and of course taste. Watching chocolate being made is fascinating and the smell is intoxicating.

Chocolate is the only food that melts at body temperature, hence our name. You can only appreciate chocolate if you let it melt slowly in your mouth – so we encourage you to taste the best chocolate and let it linger in your mouth in a seductive way.

Sourcing The Best Chocolate In The World

Eleesian Chocolates creates truly sublime chocolates using the best ingredients in the world. We source our ingredients from the best producers globally. At Eleesian, we work closely with chocolate producers. We will only use chocolate that is sourced from companies with strong credentials for supporting the local community and the environment.

Plastic-Free Since Inspection

Each chocolate is handmade and “jewel-like”. The boxes of chocolate had to be presented in beautiful and environmentally friendly packaging. Eleesian’s designer boxes and bars have been plastic-free since our inception.

Protecting the environment and the Oceans – nature’s largest gardens has always been at the heart of our business.

We use renewable energy in our kitchens and have an electric delivery van for Athens. As our kitchens are located in our shops we minimise our carbon footprint.

Creative Team Of World-Class Chocolatiers

Handcrafted by our world-class chocolatiers, we use the best natural ingredients, reducing the sugar content, artificial flavours, stabilisers and other chemical preservatives. Handcrafted means it tastes homemade. Fresh means it tastes as good as freshly baked bread, baked right in front of you.

Eleesian's Mission Is To Put The Soul Back Inot the Chocolate

As Athen’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company, we wish to explain why we fell in love with chocolate in the first place. Eleesian’s mission is to make chocolate great again by telling the story of this “well-known but least-known” of foods. Chocolate’s Latin name is “cacao theobroma” or the food of the gods. So we hope you will rediscover the taste of earthly paradise with Eleesian.